Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Been a long time...too long.

NE Hoo, I'm rather disgusted at the sheer amount of bullshit that's encompassed this congresswoman who dared to crack wise about her vagina.  Seriously? This is news?  Of course, all the GOP fanboys & girls are going apeshit, because clearly we've got the job/national debt/war/rights problems all fixed up and have plenty of time to devote to things like gay marriage, abortion, and smartass congresswomen.

Wake the fuck up, people.  This is all circus bullshit.  You think those guys who threw her out of that chamber haven't heard worse than just vagina?

Get a fucking grip.

Other things on my brain: George Zimmerman.  Seriously, dude? Your credibility is *EVERYFUCKINGTHING* in this matter.  Lying to a judge and secretly scheming with your wife? Really?
I can't believe how many people have rallied behind this guy just because he's got a CHL.  Dude fucked up, deal with it.

Finally, I can't but help feel contempt for Raul Rodriguez.  Yet another asshole those Brady morons will point to whenever they try to pass more restrictive gun laws.  Yelling "I'M IN FEaR FOR MY LIFE! " doesn't mean a fucking thing if you initiate a confrontation and then when given the opportunity to leave, continue the engagement (after drawing his weapon!!!)

If you're scared enough to draw your gun and threaten people, why would you continue to demand that the people who are confronting you comply with your demands that they turn down their music? They've already shown the inclination to harm you, you've already broken the law by brandishing, fucking de-escalate and leave.  Let the cops do their fucking jobs.

It's too late for him, of course, but I hope other fellow gun owners will learn from this.  That gun on your side is to protect yourself and your loved ones, not force someone else to comply with your petty demands.