Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simple Consideration Part 2

Take a good look, folks.  See that?  That, my friends, is a pickup truck, parked in a handicapped spot, without a placard or plate.  Not only is this blatant fuckery, the truly observant will note the right rear wheel which is now blocking the fucking wheelchair ramp.  A wheelchair ramp on which I saw an old man fall because the ramp isn't the safest or easiest in the world to navigate anyway when it's clear.  Having a monosynaptic mouth-breathing incosiderate douchenozzle fuckwhistle parking his shitbagmobile in such a manner as to cause it to be unusable is just the icing on the cake.  To the owner of this pickup, I can only say FUCK YOU.  I hope you die in a fire, you stupid inconsiderate moron.  Or better yet, I hope you wind up in a wheelchair yourself.  Maybe then you'll understand just how hard it is to fucking navigate around a parking lot when there ISN'T assholes fucking it up out of sheer laziness.

God, I fucking hate people sometimes.

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