Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been a while....

...not but a few hours ago, I was in a friends car when we got rear-ended by a mexican girl.  Said girl promptly hit the gas pedal and ran off around the corner in a half-assed attempt to escape.  She then stopped at her workplace, apparently thinking she was safe.  Said moron was rather surprised to see us come rolling up on her moments later, informing her that we were calling the cops.  A male mexican cop rolled up and gently suggested that we let the whole thing go.  My friend, noting that the damage to his car amounted to scratches on his bumper (his car was an older model Ford) relented.  The girl didn't even have a drivers license, but the cop let her mom come and get her.  No ticket, no arrest, nothing.

Oh well, at least her crumpled fender will be pretty expensive to fix.

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