Friday, January 6, 2012

Self Defense WIN!

I know most of you have probably heard by now of a certain woman in Oklahoma who was forced to kill a home invader in self defense.  Said woman was defending her 3 month old baby, with the cops on the phone, and her back to the wall.  I'm posting about this now to address the morons who seem to believe that she did the wrong thing.  Some folks believe she did NOT do the right thing by standing her ground and shooting the knife-wielding maniac dead.  They believe she should have RUN AWAY from her OWN FUCKING HOUSE.

Where to even BEGIN on this utter, complete, fuckwitted bullshit?!? Jesus fucking christ, it's not like one's own home is public property.  She's got the rights there, not the knife-wielding stalking motherfucker! Why in the bloody fuck should she retreat from her own goddamned home?  Not to mention the complete lack of data she had on the conditions outside.  What was she supposed to do, carry her baby out into the night at a run and hope they didn't have someone watching the back?  What if they would have? She would have likely died raped and mutilated by those bastards.  Instead, she stood her ground, ended one of the useless wastes of oxygen, and scared the other one off, and saved her and her child's lives in the process.

Some people ask about the rights of the attacker to live.  What right does someone have to live when they enter a home without permission and with the intent to do harm to those inside the home? Even if they don't enter with a specific desire to do harm and just an intent to steal property, then so what?  It's not like every burglar is going to say "Oh shit, someone's home, I'd better run away and leave these fine folks unharmed!"
Not only that, but humanity has yet to show proof of telepathy.  Therefore, we can't read minds, so we have no idea what a intruders intentions are.  Some folks say "let them take what they want / do what they want and it'll be ok."  Clearly, these folks haven't been through the trauma of being home invaded and having their lives threatened.  If they had, I'm sure their attitudes would be quite different.

I sincerely hope this poor lady will recieve the help she needs.  Fuck the knife wielder and his partner.

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