Friday, January 28, 2011

Brushing Loki

Brushing Loki

Given that he's a longhaired mixed breed (long haired alley cat?) Loki requires a fair amount of brushing.  Plummet, his mother, does not seem to mind this at all, she seems to enjoy it.  Loki, however is a moody little bastard at times, and at brushing times it's like rolling dice.  One never knows when snakeeyes is going to come up.

A typical Brushing Loki scene:

Me: Alright, fuzzball, c'mere.
Loki:  (Translated from body language, sounds, ear positions, and looks) Hell with that, I got some prime sleepin' to be doin'.
Me: I'm not giving you any choice here, bub.  I'm the top of the food chain.  So, you're coming with me.  *grabs Loki*
Loki: Alright, you're either gonna let me go or I'mma hafta fuck you up.
Me: This won't take long, you little shit.  *Commences brushing, sometimes he'll relent and even enjoy it... not this last time *
Loki: Converting to Furry Hand Grenade mode in 5...4...3...2...1...
Me: Holy shit! I'm bigger than you, dammit, and you're gonna get brushed!  No matter how many transfusions it requires!
Loki: You didn't learn your lesson? Ok, time to go to Furry Nuke mode in 5...4...3...2...1.

Needless to say, his little ass got brushed.... Anyone reading this have the blood type O-?  I think I could use a top off....

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