Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Congressional hearings on Muslims upsetting to Muslims. Who gives a shit?

Seriously, to any Muslims that may read this:  Tough shit.  We've been catching shit from you guys since the Carter days over our support of Isreal.  We've also been pretty much paying for your entirely civilization to flourish over the last 50 years or so, so I wouldn't bitch too much.  After all, when that oil runs out, what will you all do then?  Maybe you can eat those golden minarets you guys keep building over there.

Back to Congress.  Rep. Honda of California seems to believe we shouldn't be focusing on a religious group, because that's like, a violation of their first amendment rights.  Yea, well if a good chunk of that group wasn't actively trying to ruin our shit for us, you might have a point.  I'm not saying every Muslim is a bad person, but honestly, how the fuck do you tell the difference?

It's especially damning whenever the dumb sons of bitches push for Sharia law, or do shit like beheading his wife.  If you folks want to be seen as just people and not threats, stop pushing for sharia law, building mosques at ground zero (a traditional thing Muslims do at sites of great victories,) and the destruction of the basic American way of life.  I sure as fuck don't want our women subjected to the stupid bullshit Muslim women generally get subjected to, like female circumcision.  Seriously, guys?  If your excuse for doing shit like that is "sp they won't derive pleasure from it and feel the need to wander" then you need to reevaluate your abilities in the sack.  If you can't get the job done in the sack, what the hell kind of men are you?  Remember, women aren't camels, they have needs too.

Not that you care about anything but the demands of your so-called god.

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