Sunday, April 24, 2016

3 teens kill selves running from the cops in a stolen car. Black Lives Matter trolls blame the cops.


These people expected the cops to jump in a friggin' pond in FLORIDA at about 4am and somehow manage to open the car these teens were in, and rescue them...before they drowned?

This is the vehicle & the pond this happened at.

Notice how the pond looks kind of like grass until you look closely at it? That's in broad daylight.  Try looking at it at 4am.  Then there's the vegetation that's all over the car, so anyone who DID manage to get into the water, find the car (in some seriously murky waters,) and find footing would also risk getting tangled up in that shit.  Any diver will tell you getting tangled up is tantamount to a death sentence, unless they have a dive knife & are able to free themselves.

Sorry, haters,  The cops aren't to blame for this one.

Some words from the Sheriff of Pinellas County to close this out.

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