Monday, February 28, 2011

The Fleecing of California

Wow.  Saw on the news last night (as I write this) that PG&E is planning to raise rates here in California yet again, for "technological upgrades."  Really?  What sort of
upgrades are we talking about, PG&E?  You guys need bigger flat screen LED TVs?  Or maybe bigger stereos?  Perhaps you'd like some brand new computers so you can play the
latest games on them?  Or maybe an X-Box with a Kinect or a PS3? Or are your old nipple clamps and electrodes finally worn out?
Because it's a damned cinch you're not talking about upgrading anything to do with our service.   Or are you going to trot out those fucking smartmeters again?  I seem to recall
this last year was definitely a banner year for pimping those things out.  You bragged about how it would keep prices down, the consumer would be able to watch their own
power usage and act accordingly, and you'd be able to detect and fix problems quicker.  Unfortunately for the consumer, the "keep prices down" bit has been shown to be pretty
much untrue.  Witness the number of people who suddenly had a marked increase in their monthly bills after installing the fucking things, without a commensurate increase in
their own power usage.  Good Job, fellows.  That's just the sort of forward looking service we're looking for in a power company.  What's next, are you going to come over and
fuck us in the ass and then charge us for the lube?

Now, let's assume the "technological upgrades" bit is true.  What upgrades would they be referring to?  Might it not be a good idea to distribute something (a letter, pamphlet, ANYTHING) listing the planned improvements to our services?  After all, if I know that I'm actually going to be getting better service for a higher rate, I might not be as
utterly pissed off over the increase.  But charging me extra and listing it as something as opaque as "technological upgrades" isn't good enough.  If you're going to jack the state's rates up, then at least have the balls to tell us why.  Even if it's profiteering, I'm more inclined to respect an honest crook than a dishonest one.  It's not like
we of this state have a fucking choice, now is it?

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