Sunday, April 17, 2011

The great kitteh drama

Well, not too long ago I found the following denizens outside my domicile:

These cute little guys were littered by the mother, a cat I called Mean Cat.  Yes, I use the past tense, because I found Mean Cat dead on my front lawn, and her kittens had been moved by her to my recycling can in my back yard.

Mean Cat is in the middle frame.

So, I was stuck with 5 kittens with a dead mother and no real way for me to take care of them.  Fortunately for them, there was another female who'd lost her only kitten around, one I call Snowflake.

She's taken 3 of them, and I think another feral female around here got the other 2.  I'll keep ya'll apprised as soon as I know something else.

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