Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simple Consideration

...seems to be something that is becoming more and more rare these days.  What the hell is it with people?
Today, I was at the store to pick up a few things I needed and turned down a certain isle.  Blocking the aisle was an alleged woman with enough kids to field her own baseball team, none of them were being watched.  I had to pretty much slam on the brakes to keep from greasing my shopping cart's crappy wheels with Greasy Crotch Dumpling Ooze.  Said "woman" then turned and glared hatefully at my white ass simply because I was apparently invading her personal space some 8 feet away from her.  To be fair, I think she needed quite a bit of personal space, considering her size (Ok, I know...low hanging fruit... )

I said "excuse me," and waited for her to move her cart so I could grab the items I needed and GTFO.  She then sniffs kind of disdainfully at me, and turns back to her browsing, just ignoring me, while her brats ran rampant.  This, as Chibiangi knows, is one of the fastest ways to piss me off.  Seriously, you're going to get bitchy with me for attempting to go down an aisle you're occupying?  Common courtesy says if someone's transiting an aisle you're in, and you're not ready to leave quite yet, move either your own ass, or your cart out of the fucking way!
It certainly does not say "Glare hatefully and then ignore the requester as well as your own screaming brats. "

The cherry on top of the shit sundae?  I wound up in line BEHIND this woman.  In a store where you have to unload your own cart.  Needless to say, it took me a helluva long time before I got to check out.


  1. That's pretty much my experience every time I go to Walmart..or Jewel (grocery store) on a busy day. I love how people will block the aisle by putting their cart right in the middle OR if their cart is on the side, they're blocking the rest of the aisle with their body.

    Funny thing is, I always thought that maybe if Walmart were more spacious, people would be less likely to get in each other's way so often. Unfortunately, when Jimmy was at Sam's Club, which has huge aisles, he saw someone blocking the aisle with their cart SIDEWAYS.

    It would be nice if people would watch their own kids...or at least try not to have more kids than they can handle. And it seems like the more kids someone has, the less polite they are -- at least that's my experience. :\

    Y'know what helps to alleviate the frustration a little bit? Imagine what it would be like to go nuts on all the other shoppers with a machete or slow motion, to music, with excessive blood and gore. You'll find yourself smiling just a little..

  2. No, not really, I just wanted to make that cow re-enact the Jarsquatter video