Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Sense of Entitlement

Certain people who recently occupied a relatives house certainly fit this description quite well.  These fine figures of humanity not only managed to force said relative to have to remodel their house, they've apparently done so to multiple dwellings that they have occupied in the past.  Why did they choose to do such things?  Was it drugs?

Perhaps drugs were partly to blame, but the sense of entitlement is definitely a major figure in their patterns of behavior.  These people would keep a place for a while, start getting slack on paying the rent and whatnot, and then when they got evicted, they'd get angry and start inflicting damage to the property.  Said people would then vacate while blaming other parties for the damage, and then proceed to defame their previous landlord in an attempt to hide their own perfidy.

Now, I'm not sure how said people can blame someone else on their 3 daughter's shitty diapers being piled on the floor, the broken window, the broken sliding glass door, and such.  But given that they were evicted and the damage suddenly happened, I'm sure they'll think of something.

If I'm allowed, more will be posted on this, as well as pictures of the damage.

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